Tea Tree Oil - Did You Know?

Tea Tree Oil

Did you know that Tea Tree Oil extract was used by Aboriginal tribesman of Australia to effectively heal infections, clear coughs, colds and headaches. It is a powerful remedy!

Tea Tree Oil helps boost the immune system, and back in 1923 a research physician named Dr. Penfold discovered that Tea Tree Oil was '12' times more effective at killing bacteria than standard hospital disinfectants. Tea Tree Oil comes from the melaleuca tree, which is native to Australia. The trees do not need to be cut down or harmed in any way in order to extract the oil and some melaleuca trees have been providing their oil for over 60 years. Tea Tree Oil is the main ingredient in Heal & Conceal Acne Treatment Creme. Heal & Conceal is tea tree oil acne solution.
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About Tea Tree Oil


Heal and Conceal - Acne Blemish Lotion with Tea Tree Oil

Heal & Conceal with Tea Tree Oil is an anti-bacterial acne treatment formula and blemish concealer that naturally helps heal blemishes while concealing problem areas and absorbing oily shine. Effective acne blemish control for sensitive skin - may be used under or over makeup, mineral sheer tint foundation, sunscreens and moisturizers - the natural botanical scent is wonderful!

Heal and Conceal with Vitamins and protecting anti-oxidants C, E, B, Niacin and Tea Tree Oil combat flare-ups and clear acne pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.

Heal & Conceal Acne Lotion and Blemish Concealer is a Hypo-allergenic, Dermatologist Recommended, Non-Comedogenic acne treatment for sensitive, problem skin. Heal & Conceal blemish treatment heals acne quickly and won't block facial pores.

'Promotes healthy, beautiful skin.'
from Nature's Natural Dermatology.

Heal & Conceal Liquid Concealer and Acne Treatment

Great for all skin types including sensitive, problem and aging skin.

"Some brands or harsh medications may irritate your skin or stop working after a short time. Try Natural Skin Treatments, premium natural solutions that give your skin a chance to heal and repair itself."

Natures Dermatology natural skin care solutions are healthy and gentle on your skin. They will not burn, irritate or sting, they feel good and will help improve your skin's tone, texture and complexion.

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Natural botanicals, organic plant extracts, nourishing vitamins and essential minerals promote cell regeneration and provide anti-oxidant protection. Replenish, refresh and tone skin with healthy, fresh and pure formulas by Natural Dermatology Skin Beauty.

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    Tea Tree Oil for Great Skin

    Tea tree oil is an excellent antibacterial and skin purifier. We use tea tree oil in Heal & Conceal Acne Creme. Ginseng, chamomile and rosemary are other great skin care ingredients especially for acne prone sensitive skin and can be found in our oil free lotions, tinted foundation makeup, facial cleansers and tea tree oil acne solutions.

    Tea Tree Oil

    Tea Tree Oil

    Vitamin and Botanically enriched anti-bacterial formula that naturally helps heal blemishes while concealing problem areas. Tea Tree Oil is great for your skin to help keep it smooth and clear.

    Vitamin's C, E, B, Niacin and Tea Tree Oil combat acne blemish flare-ups. Tea Tree Oil blends well with moisturizers, sunscrens, creams and lotions. It can also be mixed with or applied under or over makeup, concealer and foundation. DermaSoft ® Dermatology offers you Heal & Conceal - an acne treatment creme and blemish concealer lotion in one skin care product.

    Heal & Conceal acne concealer provides sheer to full cover, has a wonderful botanical scent and is gentle on skin.

    'Promotes radiant, healthy, beautiful skin.'

    Contains NO Alcohol.
    Gentle on your skin.
    Natural Antiseptic
    Dermatologically Safe.

    Tea Tree Oil Treatment is avaialble in 'Clear', 'Light', 'Medium' & 'Dark' to match your complexion.

    Purify skin, reduce inflamation, heal and conceal acne blemishes.


    Heal & Conceal Acne

    Acne Blemish Drying Lotion with Tea Tree Oil and natural anti-oxidants for clear, healthy skin. Quickly dry out blemishes while concealing.


    Tea Tree Oil Combines with powerful anti-oxidants to reduce inflammation, unclog pores, clear whiteheads and blackheads, and quickly heal acne blemishes. Natural acne fighting treatment and effective blemish concealer in one convenient tube.

    "Tea Tree Oil" is a proven natural antisceptic and a powerful anti-bacterial agent recommended by dermatologists to fight, heal and prevent acne blemishes. Heal and Conceal acne treatment and blemish concealer has a natural botanical scent.

    See Heal and Conceal Treatment Shades

    We make it so you know its good! Order Below

    'Heal & Conceal' is an effective acne treatment that kills acne-causing bacteria, dries out pimples, absorbs excess oil, and shrinks open pores.

    Also try Mineral Tint Foundation, Blemish Balm, Color Correction Cream & Mineral Makeup


  • Dries acne blemishes.
  • Conceals problem areas.
  • Improves complexion while healing skin.
  • Nourishes skin and absorbs oily shine.
  • Renews skin texture to an even tone.
  • Eradicates acne-causing bacteria.
  • May be used under or over makeup.
  • Creates a shield to prevent future breakouts.

    Available in Sheer Clear, Light & Medium Tones.
    Heal & Conceal Acne Treatment comes in a convenient compact 1.4 oz tube.
    Heal & Conceal Acne Treatment Heal & Conceal Liquid Concealer

    Heal and Conceal Acne Treatment with Concealer comes in Clear, Light, Medium & Dark Skin Tones. Acne Fighting Treatment and Blemish Concealer to Quickly Dry Out Pimples and Cover Up Blemishes in one Skin Healthy Acne Care product from DermaSoft Dermatology
    Heal & Conceal comes in Clear, Light, Medium.

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

    HEAL-&-CONCEAL$22.50, 2/$42.00, 3/$56.00


    Heal & Conceal

    Clear Acne Pimples, Whiteheads and Blackheads with natures dermatology. Heal and Conceal Acne Blemish Drying Lotion contains 'Tea Tree Oil', a natural antisceptic and anti-bacterial agent recommended by dermatologists to effectively fight acne blemishes. Natural acne blemish concealer with a botanical scent.

    * Sheer, waterproof, vitamin-rich formulations are great under or over makeup and ideal for use throughout the day and night to combat acne breakouts.

    Order Heal & Conceal Below

    Heal & Conceal Liquid Concealer with Trea Tree Oil

    See Concealer Shades

    'Heal & Conceal' acne drying formula is a vitamin and botanical rich acne treatment formula that naturally heals acne blemishes and absorbs oily shine while concealing problem areas.

    We make it so you know it's good!

    'Promotes radiant, healthy, beautiful skin.'
    Natural Dermatology for sensitive skin

  • Dries out blemishes.
  • Gentle on your skin.
  • A Natural Antiseptic.
  • Closes & Shrinks Pores.
  • Prevents Future Breakouts.
  • Eliminates pimples, whiteheads & blackheads.

    [ Heal and Conceal is designed for sensitive skin and highly recommended for those who have found that other dermatological medications either irritate or burn their skin. Dermatologist Best-Seller. ]

    Heal & Conceal Acne Treatment is available in Clear, Light, Medium & Tan/Dark Skin Tones. 'Clear' provides sheer, undetectable coverage.

    See Heal and Conceal Acne Treatment Shades.

    Comes in a convenient compact 1.4 oz tube.

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

    HEAL-&-CONCEAL$22.50, 2/$47.00, 3/$60.00


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    HEAL & CONCEAL - with Tea Tree Oil.
    Heal & Conceal Acne Blemishes! Heal and Conceal Acne Treatment with Tea Tree Oil: Natural Acne Blemish Treatment. Try Heal & Conceal @ www.heal-and-conceal.com, Beautiful Lips & Soft Skin, Beautiful Lips & Youthful Looking Skin